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Triathlonbox is a new transition box, innovative, Patent pending, way to reduce stress on the day of your big race.  Through the sleek design and compartmentalisation, everything you need is where you need it, exactly when you want it.  From leaving your home, through to entry into the water and post-race recovery, our custom made tri gear solution is there to help you to be at your best on race day.


Helping you get mentally prepared to race.

A frame mounted box that will help you carry all of your kit to and from transition. Strong and stable, the weight of your gear is carried through the bike, preserving your energy.  Sized to store all of your race and recovery equipment, keeping it all dry so you can change and recover quicker.  Internally there are wet and dry sections to keep your kit separate. Water bottle holders keep your hydration upright and secure . A fabric pouch to keep all of those little bits at the top when you need them most.  Combination locks so your valuables are safe dry and secure. 

Now available Worldwide    Triathlonbox USA   

Keeping you organised - ready and strong

Triathlon is all about preparation. The team have designed it for ease of preparation to make getting to the start line your main focus.  Through the frame mounted solution the triathlete bears none of the weight of their gear on the, often long, trip to transition.  Through design we have reduced stress to create the most relaxed race day experience - helping you get to the start line with one thing on your mind: Success in whatever form that may take.

Tri box

Triathlonbox solves race day box juggling

We have spent years designing and building a solution to race day box juggling, with countless boxes being constructed and then deconstructed, to see what is needed to be changed and improved.  We have then remodelled the box to be as triathlete friendly as possible, getting advice from active triathletes during the numerous designs and the rebuilding stages. We needed to ascertain how we could improve our tri bag alternative to give the race day triathletes the biggest marginal gain before the start of your sprint triathlon, Olympic triathlon or even Ironman triathlon.

Why Triathlonbox

  • Patented Tri-Zone technology
  • Secure - keeping your keys and phone safe
  • Weatherproof - with a solid lid you can keep your recovery gear dry.  Helping you recover faster
  • 100% of customer would recomend our product to a fellow triathlete
  • Taking the strain - top tube mounted helps takes the weight off you so that you can remain relaxed
  • 26% of customers said early preparation using integrated lists, helped them sleep better the night before their race.


What is a Triathlon? - The Basics of preparation

OK, so you've taken the plunge and decided you are going to join a rapidly growing group of individuals who want to race. Well done, you have made a great decision. Tri is a fantastic sport but as a novice it can also be quite daunting because you now have what seems like a very complicated list of things to think about. The idea of this guide is to help you plan and work through that list and hopefully make it seem much less complicated. After all it is only a swim, a bike and a run!  Read More on triathlon training 

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