Global delivery Triathlonbox

Welcome to our Global delivery page.

As we are a British made product, the current value of the pound means our Triathlonbox is now very well priced for Global purchases.  With that in mind we have set up this page to help you buy our products and have them shipped directly to you. Orders made in this way will be a Red box Black lid. However you can email your order to us and subject to availability we can ship any colour combination that you wish.

Please ensure that you select the eBay Global shipping programme to ensure swift delivery. 

Now available in Golobally



Now available in USA

I'd like my box delivering to America - Clicking the flag will take you to our Ebay store.

Available now from 142 USD 


Now available in Canda

I'd like my box delivering to Canada - Clicking the flag will take you to our Ebay store.

Available now from 189 Canadain Dollars

If your country is not mentioned then please email the inventor I can set up a pay link for any European country.  We are working hard on Worldwide distribution channels at the moment so if you would like keeping updated then please sign up to our mailing list. 


Triathlonbox is a British made product - International buyers please read the following.

EBay calculate the right postage cost for international buyers, depending on where they live, and this is what they’ll see on your listing. We’ll calculate the estimated delivery time, including the time it takes for you to send the item to the UK Shipping Centre.

The buyer pays this postage fee to cover the cost of international tracked postage from the UK shipping centre. Triathlonbox then post the item to the UK shipping centre and pay the cost of that postage - just like you would if you were posting to a UK buyer.

Items generally arrive within 3-5 days in the EU and 7-10 days for non-EU destinations. Parcels can take a little longer; however, packages sent via the GSP benefit from professional customs processing, which helps to minimise any delays at customs.


Colour Options.

We are the sole distributor of Triathlonbox in the world and we can do bespoke orders for colours or triathlon club orders - Triathlon club orders As part of the current offering we would like to offer tri clubs and race teams the opportunity to customise their colours. 

If you would like to order any of our products for your triathlon club then we can customise the colours and offer wrapping services for orders over 5 boxes.  This give you the capability to change the main box colour and also the lid colour to match your team colours, (digital lock colours are currently standard and cannot be changed).   This customisation will save you and your team mates money by grouping together.  If you would like to talk further about this option then please email us at - We can fully also look at customising the boxes with your team logos so that you and your team mates can have a very unique box.

Other colours available on other EBay listings.

Blue box Yellow Lid

Purple Box Grey Lid

Orange Box Grey Lid