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Triathlon check list


An integrated triathlon checklist is one of the key features of our new triathlon gear product.  The main reason for this is the issues that I have had personally over the years of racing UK triathlons.  What we have tried to do is make it so, the list is in the right place for you to check all your tri gear in and out of the box. Getting you on the start line focused and ready to race.


Over the years of racing all distance races from sprint distance triathlon right thought to Ironman triathlon, the list requirements have changed significantly.  With that in mind I have tried to develop multiple lists for all distance races.  Are you racing in the UK - we have a list for that.  Are you travelling overseas to a longer distance race - we have a list for that.


Triathlon check lists are key to success in my mind as I have had multiple Triathlon fails over the years due to kit failure.  From getting into transition at Leeds triathlon with one trainer, as the other one had fallen out.  Getting to Keswick triathlon ready to race with my prototype of triathlonbox and my brother (Ironman age grouper winner of Ironman Austria & Team GB age group fourth place in London Worlds) saying, "bugger I've forgotten my Wetsuit" to which my answer was "It wouldn't have happened if you'd have used my integrated triathlon list in my new triathlonbox" - Which pissed him off a little more to be honest.  And the crowning glory of them all, Getting to Ironman Austria start, warm up bike ride a few days out from the race and Rich saying "My bikes broken..Noooo"  and my response was.. Can you guess?  "You've not broken it you plonker, you've forgotten the sodding battery for you DI gear system!"  I didn't mention the box at this point as it was before we started to develop it but it was a great realisation how important having your kit ready can be.  I had to then bike back to the hotel to get his battery so he could focus on getting race ready.


What we are trying to do is make your race day experience as race focused as it can be by putting the things you require in the right place at the right time.  With the choice of triathlon check list, you choose what you put on them.  Do you like a spare pair of trainers for post race, put them on the list.  Do you prefer to have trainers and then trail shoes if you're doing a duathlon, then you edit the check list. 


The check lists will all be printable through the resources section of the site and I'll be working hard to ensure that they are the right size to be printed off and put straight in the customer designed triathlon check list holder in triathlonbox.  Because... Nothing pisses me off more that receiving spreadsheets and documents that have piss poor print functions so that the end user has to edit them.


So with all that in mind you can see here the current sample of our triathlon check list.  This will get changed and edited.  there will be the addition of multiple tabbed Editable Excel check lists that you will need when you start going longer and need to customise the check list.  We hope this all helps you get to sprint distance triathlon, Olympic distance triathlon or Ironman race ready to race rather than having to worry and stress about your tri gear.