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Triathlon gift ideas for him or her

We have been trying to look into triathlon Christmas gifts in the run up to the big day.  If you've not met me around Christmas time then you won't understand how much I love Christmas.  A time where the gym is shut and I cannot go out training too much - well apart from the Xmas day run to empty my tummy ready for the big Xmas day feed.  I get to spend time with my family and their kids and having a few beers with my brothers once all the kids have gone to bed is something I really look forward to each year.  Plus five or six days off work.

We have spoken to so many people over the season and they have said that triathlonbox would be a great Christmas present so with that in mind I thought I'd write what I'd like for Christmas with Triathlon gifts in mind. I'll try to set different budgets as I know sometimes it is just a stocking filler that your after or the many present.  I will try to give you ideas for the triathlete in your life and give you some feedback from me and other and what I'd like as a regular racer.

Main Triathlon gift

Triathlonbox - from £89.99 delivered

Triathlon gifts idea

Come on I'm from Triathlonbox of course I'm going to talk about it.  Having spoken to 100's if not 1,000's of people over our first year of business there have been countless triathletes saying that this would be a great gift for him or her.  We have worked on multiple colours so that there are multiple options for if you choose this as a triathlon gift for her this year or the next. 

Garmin 920XT GPS Watch - £319.99 24% dicount

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Any of the Garmin forerunner products.  I've owned and used the whole range and they are fantastic bits of kit from the Garmin Forerunner 910XT through to the one that I would really like for Christmas the Garmin Forerunner 920XT which I've borrowed from a friend for a couple of weeks changing and what a piece of Triathlon gear.  It is a wonder to me that there is a strong chance that the Iwatch at some point in the future might be the piece of kit to own but at the moment I'm not sure it is quite there.  A great bit of kit for runners, just not quite there for the tri comunity as yet.

A New Time Trail bike - £ open your wallet or purse WIDE

Having been racing for nine years across Europe now I'm always on the lookout for amazing cycling porn.  We have spent this year going to over 20 races most of them on my felt bike - I have had my eye out on all the latest bikes and here are a few that I would go for if the budget was endless.

Felt IA 2 Tri Bike

While some bike brands forgo a little aerodynamic performance for mechanical simplicity, Felt’s newest tri bike is fully committed to straight-line speed. Massively deep tubes and a highly integrated front end give this frame a wildly deep profile that has performed exceptionally well in aerodynamic testing. Crosswinds affect this bike a bit more than most, but it still handles well, quickly carving through tight turns. Fit adjustability is the biggest limitation: The base bar's position is fixed. The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 component kit is the world’s best, and Felt’s house brand aero wheels complete the race-worthy kit.

Dassi TT Bike - £ You choose - £100 voucher from team 

If you would like a voucher then all purchases will get a Dassi voucher in their box.

Dassi TT bike

I have also met with Dassi this year and we are working on getting a £100 off voucher in each triathlonbox in the run up to Christmas 2015 so that if you choose to go for a custom made Dassi bike you can get £100 discount on us. So if you're in the market for a new bike then your box could also be free.  The new time trial machine is hand built and finished to order in low volumes, aerodynamically designed and fully customisable to its rider. The Dassi II TT bike hosts an array of bike adjustments including an extendable stem, providing a whole new level of fitment for the rider.

Under £50 Christmas triathlon gift.

xtenex laces - £8.99

Xtenex laces

One of my favourites and something I add to every pair of trainers I buy is the xtenex laces which are perfect for a stocking filler for the triathlete in your life.  ACCUFIT Compression Laces™ feature enlarged (auto-blocking) knots that can be manually reduced in diameter size by stretching the lace apart where the reduction is needed, either for lacing or adjustment, release to set your compression preference. Knots create an adjustable compression zone between each set of eyelets to provide a tuned ergonomic fit.

Brodie Skin care £16.95 to £45 for gift packs

At Brodie Skin care they know that exercise generally does great things for your skin. The increase in blood flow gives you that fresh, post-exercise glow. Sports and exercise also help to detoxify your skin and promote cell renewal for anti-aging benefits.

Brodie skin care

Triathletes who work their bodies hard, come rain, wind or shine, know that the immediate effects on our skin can be anything but pretty. Exposure to the elements combined with heat stress, sweat and dehydration can cause redness, sensitivity and acidic build-up, leaving you with a dry, sore, dull complexion. Brodie Skin care have the answers.

Tri suit - £50 through to £150 depending on brand.

fusion speed suit

Someone suggested that a triathlon suit would be a great gift and I have to question this as a purchase that you do without some serious research.  The tribox  team race in Fusion kit as we have built up a great relationship with the UK distributor to the point where all customers get 20% off the kit when we issue out the code after a sale.  The kit is a little more expensive but I've raced in my kit for two years and it's still as good as new so it is worth the extra.  If you're not sure what brand you partner might use then best to do a little research into what they use.

High 5 energy gels - £6.99

triathlon gifts UK High five

A fantastic stocking filler for any tri racer would be a pack of High 5 energy gels.  There are two things that the triathlete in your life cannot have enough of.  Gadgets and energy gel products, High 5 is a great mix of products and comes with a water bottle.  Available to buy here for less than a tenner which is a great price for a stocking filler - it might not get them super excited but when your get them the main Christmas present from the list below.

Sports massage - £40 approx for an hour

One thing that anyone involved in the sport would love to get as a gift would be a sports massage.  We in the team have someone that we use when the strain of the business and training get a little too much for our bodies.  Getting a sports massage can really aid recover and help anyone triathlon training - to get faster and fitter quicker.  They will love you for this amazing gift.

Predator Flex Titanium Reactor - £45

Zogg predator

The very latest swimming goggle release from Zoggs, incorporating the very latest in goggle technology – Titanium photochromatic sunlight sensitive lenses.  The superior feature of these goggles is the enhanced visibility provided by the Titanium lenses that offer added protection from reflected light and glare to reduce eye fatigue. Wearers will also notice that they reduce glare and soften the visual experience when swimming inside.  With the added benefit of photochromatic lenses that react to the sun’s rays and tint according to light conditions, Predator Flex Titanium Reactor truly is the one swimming goggle for all conditions inside and out.

Read Review - Predator Flex Titanium Reactor


Really struggling for an idea....? - Under £30

Then have a quick look at what wiggle has to offer as gifts from cycling mugs through to cycling pizza cutters.  If you really are unsure of what to get then getting a voucher is an option as there is no way that the cyclist in your life will not be able to buy something for there bike.  There are some nice little stocking fillers available from wiggle cycling website.

Under £100 triathlon gift for her.

Kask Cycling helmet - £95.99

Kask Cycling helmet

The Kask helmet brand has grown very quickly over the last few years within tri - from this entry level lid right through to the Ironman aimed Kask bambino.  they have a huge range of colours and sizes.  If your wanting to protect your loved one while they are out riding then this is a great option.  Nip into the garage and shed and see what size their current bike helmet is to be able to ensure that you buy the right one.


Senheiser PMX over head headphones - £79.99

Senheiser PMX over head headphones

The Sennheiser PMX 686G Android Sports Earbud Headset combines comfort, durability and exceptional sound quality for the ultimate workout sound experience.  These are an amazing present as they can be used while biking or running or while in the gym training on over elements of core strength.  I've used this brand for years and the latest offering is such a high quality set of headphones.  It also gives the chance to answer calls while on the bike so that you can phone them to see when they might be back.

Road bike fit for triathlon - £99 and upwards

road bike fit for triathlon triathlon bike fit calculator

A good professional bike fit could really help the triathlete in your life to get faster on the bike and also reduce those aches and pains when they get off the bike. There are bike fits that you can do yourself but taking the time and spending the money on a special triathlon bike fit for road bike they will gain efficiency.  Look to your local bike shop for advice on where you can get this done.

Triathlon gift idea UK

So if you are looking for some great gift ideas then take a look through gift guide.  Obviously I'm going to suggest either a new bike or a Triathlonbox for the loved one in your life but it's over to you. 

Don't forget to Help yourself to the Free Triathlon training guide on the website.