Triathlonbox - Giving focus to Triathletes

Saving you time on race day

The box provides a stress reducing transition, so that you the triathlete can remain as focused as possible on your swim, bike and run in the build-up to your race. Designed to help you achieve your short and long term racing goals, through the inclusion of Triathlonbox in your race day preparation. The product that we supply is as strong and tough as the triathletes who use it. Inspired by endurance, designed with time in mind & developed using the experience of thousands of miles training and competing to create a product that can help shave minutes from your personal best.

Free £100 bike voucher with every order.

All orders currently come with a £100 voucher off a Dassi Bike of your choice.  A voucher code is placed inside every Triathlonbox with details of how to claim this fantastic offer.  

Triathlonbox is a high volume transition box that will carry all your equipment in one go on your own and will be mounted on the bike frame. It is a very stable and manoeuvrable.  It is no wider than the handle bars so that you retain the maneuverability in transition.  The product has been tested on small ladies bikes through to larger Time Trial bike frames.  The weight of your kit is distributed through the saddle and the frame so as you go to and from transition you can start to focus on your race.

Triathlonbox Key features

Wet / dry area, with required ventilation & drainage - these areas of the box are large enough to store all the essential triathlon race equipment.  One side can store a wet suit, the other large enough to store a full change of clothes for post race.

Triathlon box designed for triathlete

The large central section has ample room for all your tri gear. There is room for the biggest bike helmet, your trainers / cycling shoes and can also accommodate some of the smaller track pumps.  Water bottle holders that can be accessed at all times as hydration is important, we have even designed the holders to keep liquids cooler. The top mounted pockets are for smaller items located at the top of the box so that they are near the top when you need them.

Triathlon box key features

Designed to help you race faster

Strong enough to sit on at any point whether it be before the race or during transition. Recessed carry handle for ease of mounting on the bike when you are on your own, the handle is recessed so it is comfortable to sit on. Triathlonbox is designed at the front for newer bikes with cable routing. Integrated list pocket so that you can check off as you load up.  

The two numerical key locks are designed to secure all your tri gear inside.  It has been designed by triathletes with triathletes in mind.  It had to be numerical locks so that you don't need to carry any keys while you are racing. Keeping all your Tri Gear safe in triathlon transition. 



Why Triathlonbox

  • Patented Tri-Zone technology
  • Secure - keeping your keys and phone safe
  • Weatherproof - with a solid lid you can keep your recovery gear dry.  Helping you recover faster
  • Taking the strain - top tube mounted helps takes the weight off you so that you can remain relaxed
  • 26% of customers said early preparation using integrated lists, helped them sleep better the night before their race.
  • The volume of the wet section is 8.75 litres
  • The volume of the central section is 40 litres 
  • The dry empty weight of the box is 4.7 kg
  • The loaded weight of the product is 9 kg.  This is loaded with my kit, which included wetsuit, 4 gels, one protein powder portion, cycling shoes, full change of clothes, dry towel, wet transition towel, dry trainers, 4 small triathlon sundries, helmet & bike spares.

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Customer Testimonials

Triathlete Europe

"Design is well thought out and is certainly appeals to a triathlete"

Whitney Larkin - Team GB Junior Triathlete

"I found it maximised my time and reduced stress in transition, no fuss just organised and the roomy dimensions"

Martyn Seddon - Beginner triathlete

"I fitted my New box onto the top tube and strolled up to registration. Making transition a breeze"

Matt - Keen triathlete 

"Balancing a plain plastic box on my wet top tube is a thing of the past - Winning idea great alternative to Triathlon bag"